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How do we use different elements of the website?

Different elements of website use data in different manners. Here is everything you need to know about website elements using your data.


If you upload media to the website, you must avoid using the embedded location data with that media. It is because, on our website, we provide all users the option to download high-quality media with all the embedded information for the best experience. So, providing your location data can cause privacy issues for you.


Leaving a comment on our website means we will collect certain data about you, including your browser’s IP address and user agent string. It is essential for spam detection. We also use the Gravatar email service. It verifies if you are using it, and after approval, the content is visible to the public along with your profile picture.


Leaving comments on our website while you enable cookies, you will save your email address, name, and other website data in cookies. It allows you to provide a better experience the next time you leave a comment, as you won’t need to enter all the details again.

These cookies are saved for 1 year, and no personal data is saved. We also use cookies to save screen preferences, login information and Remember Me option depending on your preferences.

Embedded content

Our website includes some articles that have embedded other sites content. That embedded content can be media or text articles. Interacting with that content will offer the same website behavior as if you are using the original website. The data collection for that embedded content will also be according to that website’s privacy policy.

What about your data?

Here is how we deal with your data.

Sharing your data

We do not share your data with anyone else other than you. For instance, if you are looking for password reset option, your IP address data will be aligned with reset email for security reasons. Thus, if some unauthorized user tries to be you and uses the password reset option, you may get the IP address information in an email.

Data retention

Data retention is different for different types of users and their data. For instance, a comment and metadata for that content stay retained indefinitely. It helps in approving future comments. We also retain any data a user provides as they signup, and they can change that information apart from the username.

Our right to your data

Creating an account on our website or leaving a comment enables you to request a personal data file exported to you so you know what data we are holding. We do not hold any rights to retain your data if you request to erase any part of that personal information. However, this does not apply to the data we keep for legal, security, and administrative purposes.

Sending and detecting your data

We do not send your data anywhere apart from the spam detection service. Whenever you post a comment as a visitor, the comment and its relevant data are checked with an automated service for spam detection. Apart from that, all of your data stays safe with us.

So, you can be pretty sure about your data being in safe hands as we ensure to keep it secure and never misuse it for any purposes.


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